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For the first 17 or so years of your life you are under somebody else’s finger.
Until you finish high school you are under the command of : your parents, your friends, your teachers, the government, and the list goes on.
Once you’re given your high school diploma you are under your own scrutiny.
Until that point all the dictators in your life have their fingers upon you, choosing the amount of pressure you are under.
When you are given that piece of paper that signifies you are free to the outside world, you have the power to do as you please.
Go back to school, join the working world, travel the world, anything your heart desires.
You have your own finger upon you. You chose the amount of pressure you’re under.
You are free.
Do as you please.
Make yourself happy.

I live in fear and don’t know why.
I do realize I’m gonna die.
And If I did I would regret
that my life’s been a wasted bet.
The time for change now has come.
I will live like I’m the only one.
Try things once, and maybe twice.
Who cares if I’m on thin ice.

The ice has cracked.
I’m on my back
and slowly falling through.
I turn around and run to the ground.
At least I followed through.